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    Hey, thanks for visiting my website! My, name is Corban and my journey with photography began in tenth grade when I enrolled in one of the hardest classes I had ever taken: Photo 1 with Eric Mittman. That entire semester we did not touch a single computer; Mr. Mittman taught us how to shoot, develop, process, and print photographs using traditional black and white film and a darkroom. As hard as it was, I fell in love. And my interest only grew as I learned the art of digital photography. I hardly ever put my camera down for the rest of high school between shooting for the newspaper, yearbook, and for my own assignments.


    I have been shooting professionally for four years with most of my work split between portraiture and event photography. I enjoy working with grads, couples, friends, and families to create lasting memories that capture the joy and emotion of each moment. I have also had great experiences photographing models, actors, and professionals to produce images that tell a story and represent their personal brand. Making sure that you, the client, are always satisfied is my number one goal. It is my belief that truly unique and high-quality images evoke an emotional response from the viewer. So I hope that you will give me the chance to "wow!" you.


    Outside of photography, I am an aspiring scientist! Currently, I'm studying Biological Engineering as a PhD candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am also a Christian and thank God for making me who I am, and blessing me with a gift for making photographs. 

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